The foremost mission of the Chemical Engineering department at IIT Delhi is to provide the best education to the brightest young minds in our country. The academic program is meticulously designed to offer a wide range courses that span from fundamental sciences to complex mathematical relationships and engineering design aspects of chemical and biological process technology. The students are rigorously trained and evaluated on a continuous basis so that they are well prepared to be leaders in whichever field they choose to pursue may it be academia, industry, technology management, entrepreneurship or working for a social cause.

Another important undertaking by the department is to maintain a vibrant research profile that truly captures the needs and changes of the modern society. We believe it is essential to perform fundamental research alongside applied studies that cater to the broader economic, societal and environmental development and growth of the country. This is achieved by hiring the best faculty across the globe and laying emphasis on problem solving through interdisciplinary research that crosses barriers across chemistry, physics, biology and materials science.

What is Chemical Engineering?

Chemical Engineering is you, me and all that surrounds us! One must look beyond chemical reactors and distillation columns to realize that the food we consume, the cosmetics we wear, the detergent we wash our clothes with are all a result of engineering of materials and their chemical reactions. In this sense, Chemical Engineering is one of the broadest and the most ‘inclusive’ branches of engineering that keeps redefining itself as it finds applications into new areas of modern technology.


History of Chemical Engineering

IIT Delhi was first established as College of Engineering and Technology Delhi in 1959 with the aid provided by the British Government. This aid continued until the early 70s. The academic assistance came from Imperial College London. During this initial phase, many IITD faculty were sent to UK for their higher education, in particular for a doctoral degree, and many distinguished faculty from UK came to India to teach at IIT Delhi. One of these professors was Dr. Rumford who also became the first Head of the Chemical Engineering department. The last teacher in this series of instructors was Dr. D.J. Gunn from University of Wales, Swansea who spent approximately 6 months in IIT Delhi in 1975.